Way Out Studios

Where great songs are born


Tu Tu Rah by Tom Poole"Tu Tu Rah" by Tom Poole

Ahn Sur by Tom Poole"Ahn Sur" by Tom Poole


What We Do.

We are a home-based project studio for songwriters to capture their songs. These recordings can be used as demos, sold at performances, given to friends or just kept as a memory. Or they could even be made into CD's if that's your thing.

We often help out the artist (songwriter) by playing additional instruments and harmony vocals (always with their permission). We have also made suggestions for improving the song - but always defer to what they want.

Who We Are.

We have been recording for over 30 years! We started out, as may did, recording "live off the floor" into a regular stereo 2-track cassette recorder. Then we graduated to a 4-track cassette recorder that allowed us to multi-track which quickly led us to an 8 track open reel recorder that was synchronized with a computer for synthesizer and drum tracks. When that recorder broke we were forced into the digital era and haven't looked back.

Although technology has evolved significantly since we began there are many things that have not changed much

Our current digital studio includes a 16 track mixer, a number of virtual instruments and effects. We have a large diagphram condenser microphone that we typically use for vocals and another high quality condensor microphone that we use for acoustic instruments.

We have an assortment of guitars, both electric and acoustic, bass guitars, a mandolin, and a 5 string banjo that are available for guests to play or for us to add to your songs.

We are also a MIDI enabled studio so if you have keyboards or effects that you would like to bring along we can certainly accommodate them.

If needed, we can also reach out to some of our musician friends if you need additional musicians or singers.


Tom Poole

Studio Operator

Tom is the guy that runs the studio. He also plays a number of different styles of guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and even tin whistle if that's your thing.

Meg the Wonderdog



Up until recently, Meg was part of the greeting party when you arrived at the house. Now that she has passed on she is still in our hearts and minds at times acting as our muse.


The Studio

In The Studio

The studio is large enough for a 5 piece band including a drum kit.


We have welcomed a number of artists and groups into the studio over the years.

  • Phyllis Wheaton
  • Demos and working versions of songs
  • "Do Something"
  • "Paint on a Smile"
  • "My Mother"
  • Phyllis' fabulous voice.
  • with instruments by Tom (usually acoustic) and occasionally harmonies
  • Paul Primeau
  • Demos
  • "Turtle Mountain"
  • "Smokejumper"
  • Paul's voice and guitar
  • Harmony by ???
  • Mandolin and banjo by Tom
  • Dan Singleton
  • Demo
  • "Guardian"
  • "Teacher"
  • Dan's voice and guitar
  • Harmonies by Sheila, Cathy and Tom
  • Bass and additional guitar by Tom
  • Full Circle
  • Demos and a CD Release (containing 4 tracks)
  • "Maiden's Vow"
  • "Soldiers Son"
  • "Someone Like Me"
  • "Voices"
  • Dan Singleton's voice and guitar
  • Cathy Buchanan's voice
  • Bass, banjo, voice, tin whistle and additional guitars by Tom